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Roebling Road (GA) Synopsis, 2/26-27/09:

            After some oil leaks (again) throughout practice, I thought they were squared away by race day. First it popped the breather hose out of the bottle, then the breather popped off the engine, extra safety wire, a few zip ties, and drilled an exhaust hole in the catch bottle to relieve the pressure... Then the tach output cover started leaking... Sure enough I forgot the RTV silicone at home and couldn't get one of the screws out anyways, so in a pinch I used some JB kwik weld over the seam (should be easy to chip off). Race day's practice showed only slight oil wetness still by the intake valve adjustment cover where the breather comes out, so I figured it was safe to run.

            The race started with me taking the hole shot and passing half of the group ahead of us. A few stragglers from that group later came by. It wasn't till about the 4th or 5th lap Ed Lynch came by on bike #345 a CB350 no less(he was pitted across from us and was fighting oil leaks all day in practice as well so I didn't see him much during practice. I passed him back in one of the last turns of that lap, but couldn't make it stick as he came by me on the last lap in some of the back twisties. Another guy showed me a wheel too (apparently i'm lacking on turn 5). By the last 2 turns before the straight I dumped it in hard and luckily had a strong enough drive to get Ed back on the straight.

            After the race was over Ed still had some leaks and mine showed leaks reappearing.... The 3rd place guy stopped by and mentioned his bike had some oil on the number plate which my bike didn't have, deducting that it was coming from my bike. So he notified the officials that someone had some oil leaks and they checked over the track. They didn't find any slick spots so the racing continued.

            Since the oil suddenly reappeared much heavier than in practice, and in prep for Daytona, I yanked the sprockets for some better gearing (time to really see how fast the old 450 is), and I found the countershaft seal had come loose during the race. I went on a limb again and used some JB kwik weld to hold the seal in 3 spots. Long story short the old honda still has some issues and i'm still learning how to ride, but I must be doing something right. 1st place on my first attempt at Roebling Road (GA)!!!!!!