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Road America Elkart Lake, WI Four months gone by and a partial rebuild complete. Time to go prove out my mechanical ability on a track I've won at before(last year, my first win ever) Things are feeling good as we fire up the bikes for practice. The half hour practice sessions are a bit much, but since I paid the price I figure on getting my moneys worth, and the bike is holding up well so the smile gets bigger every time I pull in the pits or onto the track for that matter.

Saturday rolls around and its a solo Wagner Brothers Race, since Rex bailed out Friday afternoon heading for Indiana for cousin Rita's wedding. Yep I'm a putz, skipping my cousins wedding to play on motorcycles all day, Eh at this rate I'll be scheduling my own around Race weekends. Two practice sessions go by and things are looking good. The green flag drops and things are looking great. I pull off the line as strong as ever and before I know it I've lead 3 laps of the race. Just need the bike and my ability to hold together for one more lap and the checker is mine. Sure enough off in the backfield just before the Carosel the rust trusty CB450r shuts off, hmm can I run fast enough to take the checker, nah probably not probably 2 miles to go on this 4mile track. Am I out of gas, give the bike a shake, just before I loss all steam it regains conciousness and stumbles me through the Carosel, not good but maybe it will make it.... Nope shuts down before the Chicane. I pull off on the blocked off section of track and start searching, found some points wires pulled loose, I franticly plug them back in and start attempting to bump start, but before I know it i'm out of off track pavement and sweating like a pig. Its to late to make up that kinda of ground considering Kari put me in her dust at the first notice of shutdown. She took the win, even gave me honorable mention at awards, and thanked me for pulling over and giving her the win. Hauled in frustrated and sweaty, the bike cools and time for troubleshooting, sure enough the bike starts and runs around the pits, looks like this issue is going to be a fun one to track down.