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Miller Motorsports park Tooele UT Summary, 9/5-6/09:

            So Rex had some Vacation to kill, I guess. Why not spend a solid weekend driving? Apparently Rex missing out on VIR due to work gave him an itch to do some racing. So off to Miller he went, and I was never one to pass up an opportunity, well actually it took me a week or two to decide. Plane ticket in hand and tentative plan layed out. WBR are off to rub off some rubber at Miller.

            Rex had some slight hickups with my truck(who needs oil pressure anyways?) and Rex makes it with time to relax before his practice day. I'm still stuck at work trying to keep focused, lol. Before I know it i'm 3 wide on a plan watching simpsons, nope didn't get a bike cam of the track downloaded to the tablet in time. Rex has the track aced and is giving me all the hot tips the whole way back from the airport, or so he thinks. We checkout the pits and size up the competition beer in hand, woops Captn coke in hand. As Rex says I showed up like a rockstar, I say its Pro racer style(temporarily stuck in a novice class). Flouri(the points leader for our class prior to this race) greets with a firm handshake. We bs a while before crawling into the trailer for some much needed sleep.

            Sat. awaken with the usual loudspeaker, i scramble through tech and head to the showers, get back with some time to get prepped, fire up the bike for the first time since VIR. So I throw on the leathers and start trying to bump start, a good 10 min later and they start makeing calls for my practice A few sputters and lots of sweat, numberous people help by pushing, and I even slap it on the neighbors rollers, full choke no choke, nothing. Check for spark, golden, check the drain bowls on the carbs, plenty of fuel. I'm exhausted and my practice is about over. Hmm what does it do if I put a jump pack on? STARTS, first kick. Go figure. Ok one round of practice then its race time. Well time to pull some strings, so I run over and talk to tech.... I haven't even seen the track yet, I couldn't get my bike started for my practice, and I get out and see the track with group 3? Golden, Sticker adjusted and i'm off. I even throw on the orange sure so I look like a goofball, and to warn the fellow racers I may do something stupid, since I have no idea where the track goes, besides having starred at the track map for hours on end, I mean glanced at it since its the background on my computer at work. Bike runs fine, I get a feel for the track and keep the rubber down, Rex even snaps some pics with out me knowing.

            Practice #2 rolls around I'm all prepped for my normal group. Its go time, third call, I suit up and fire up the bike. I pull onto the track and Putt Putt, the bike runs on one cylinder, won't rev, now what.... Same old thing good spark, plenty of fuel. Should have plenty of charge it just ran a whole practice without even a hickup. Most of the practice wasted and I slap the battery pack on it, for a few minutes, while I relax, yank the sweaty suit off and a few minutes later it fires up and runs like champ, go figure. So the battery/ alternator system still has issues(see RA09, just a few months back). Ok so I figure my favors have been pushed enough and don't even bother bumping to group 3. I get out the jumper cable and prep the bike for some charging just prior to race time. I figure now its not a fight of me and the track, its me and getting the bike to last the whole race.