Grattan Raceway, Belding MI Synopsis, 6/2010:

            Woops, so I may have missed a 100 photos here or there. If you have view this prior to 6-17-2010 @ 4:30pm you may need to hit refresh.... Long story short, broken clavical kept me from racing, so I excelled at picture taking to make up for it... Well attempted to anyways. Quick rundown of some of the riders...

608: Rex Wagner

19x: Karsten Illg

633: Nick Blasel

587: Pete Beyer

968: Barbara Conner

100: Wes Orloff

74 : Wes Orloff (On Dale Caufman's Machine)

z1r: Dave Crussell

79 : Carl Anderson

1 : Andrew Mauk

377: Andrew Mauk