Grattan Raceway, Belding MI Synopsis, 6/?-?/09:

            After Kartens hissy fit Rex and I shook off the negativity and proceded to Grattan without our usual partners in crime, The FrameCrafter crew that is. Karsten complaining about all the work he does just for a piece of wood. Pshh at least he finished at RA(Road America) I broke down twice handing over the win to Kari Rotvold the first day, then not even contending on Sun, just grabbing points by completing a lap.

            One week later and I'm crossing my fingers as I fire up the CB450R (R for Rat not Race, like most people would assume). Since RA I installed a different stator, which didn't prove to be the issue. Then in a mad panic I installed different regulator, rectifier, and went to the large chunk of lead most poeple view as a normal size motorcycle battery. Test runs at the shop's(FC) private runway(Kunde Road) proved one of those items that had an issue. Practice rolls around the track is feeling good and the bike is holding up.

            Sure enough Sat. morning rolls around and rumor spreads that there's a Gray Ford dually with a Green trailer in the upper deck(paddocks), sure enough the frustrated Karsten and crew(Randy) showed up for some fun in the end. Race time came and the green flag drops. I pull my usual strong launch, but didn't quite pull away from everyone. I put in a few solid laps in the lead before John shows up with a few different lines for passing. I maintain my lines and pass him right back. Two tries and nothing sticks. What seems like a dozen laps and still haven't seen a the half way flag, and I'm leading the whole wave, so I should be the one if anyone sees the curtesy halfway flag. On what ends up being the final lap(I didn't know till then since I didn't see the White last lap curtesy flag either). John takes a mad dash for my line late and over brakes for the hair pin, of course I'm perplexed his sudden tact and don't adjust my line in time. I tail him hard through the last few kinks and ring the CB450R's neck as the checkers come into view. His Production CB350 has enough to hold me off as we were wheel to wheel coming accross the finish line. Come to find out I only lost by 0.3secs according to the transponder times, Claimed to be the closest race of the day.

            Sunday's race starts out with more excitment than I expect or even witnessed(until later on Utube). The race was red flagged(cancel) before John and I reach turn 3. We regrid and launch again after a few minute breather and some oil cleanup. Mr. Sharpe's(John) production cb350 yet again shows more steam than my production CB450, he make an early pass that sticks, and wanders off into the distance. I keep him in sight but never regain enough ground to give him a run for the money. At least the bike finished 2 races, doing way better than RA.